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North of Forty George running
North of Forty book by Lauren Hurst

North of Forty: Inspiring Stories of Older Athletes

Chase your dreams at any age!

In North of Forty, senior fitness expert Lauren Hurst and photographer Nick Cinea tell the stories of over 50 senior athletes ranging from ages 54 to 103, marathoners to martial artists to mountaineers, ordinary and extraordinary people. Told through captivating interviews and illustrated by stunning black and white portraits, their stories will inspire anyone who's made it "north of forty" and kept climbing.


"If you want to remember why you exercise, if you need help to get going with an exercise regimen, if you are over forty and would like to know how many other people are keeping their commitment to health and successful aging, read this book. The athletes profiled here have had all the setbacks life can dish out: cancer, heart attacks, the death of a child, even getting hit by cars five time as they power through their biking regimen! But they keep going, with palpable joy. This book will inspire you."
Lauren Hurst holding Alexander

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